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16th November 2007

8:06pm: Im Published!!
So, I havent updated in awhile. Alot has happened in my life. First and most importantly, I wrote a book and its published!! Well, it will be very soon. My book is called "Doilies to Dildos: Representations of Fabulous Femininity in American Culture from 1776 to 2007." It started out as my dissertation for the PHD Im working for in Womens Studies... but my advisor liked it so much she helped me turn it into a book, and its getting published! It will be out next month, and Im giving a reading at Bluestockings Bookstore on the LES (i LUV the LES--I even live there now in the most fabulous apartment!) and at the Barnes and Noble on Astor Place, which is totally my fave one.

Im in a great relationship with an awesome guy, too, but Im going to keep most of that private.

The only bad thing in my life lately is that my next-door neighbor wont stop vomitting in my cactus. I keep it in the hall (my hall has windows, dont worry!), and she keeps doing it. It so weird of her, right?

Anyway, thats all. Look for my book soon!

31st January 2006

8:43pm: Liveblogging the SOTU address
8:42-- I dont know why I bother watching this horses ass speak. I heard a funny joke today.

Q. Whats the difference between an election and a war?

A. Bush has won an election.

9:02-- I just saw Laura Bush. I guess the theme of tonights speech is "Women Who I Have Not Given Orgasms To.

9:08-- Pink, by the way, isnt Laura Bushs color.

OH!!! Theres the fuckwadded dickputrid himself!!!! Hold on, I have to go barf :^(

9:10-- Nancy Pelosi is looking radiant, as always. I am certainly proud to be a Democratic Woman this evening.

9:12-- George Bush doesnt really give a shit about Coretta Scott King. What a pandering dicktickling shitpinker.

9:16-- Hahahaha! That putrid Prez just thought there was a period in the middle of a sentence and then spoke a sentence fragment to follow. It was the statement about a failed state 7,000 years away. You can tell hes giving thought to that topic for the first time in his presidency.

9:25-- The shiteating fuckballoon speaks in the terms of a fourth grade video-game aficionado (SAT word :-P {I got a 1400}). All the good vs. evil--like its that simple! I mean come on! And all this talk of honor. This man wouldnt know honor if it snuck up to him in the night and burrowed inside his festering scrotum. A rat is going to do that tonight, Im sure of that.

I just wrote justgoto's full name in menstrual blood on the sidewalk outside my apartment. He is a disgrace. I wrote a heart around it too and when I get more, Ill add George W. Bush.

9:31-- His address directly to the Iranian people probably would have been better in their own language. He only does things for show.

9:41-- Hes so shit! Non-defense non-discretionary spending might have included things that conservatives don't like, but it didn't include the massive entitlement program Republicans created (the Medicare prescription drug benefit) that doesnt work!

9:45-- His sad pleas for bipartisan cooperation are just a thin veil for "stop hating me for being a pereniummunching navellinteating turdbath." Bipartisan my tampon! Hes a divider, not a uniter (my chicas and I love to chant that phrase when we get worked up about him! Luv ya, girls!)

9:49-- The oil-to-grass upgrade? What a douche.


Has anyone ever proposed such a thing? What an cryptotwat!

10:03-- AAAAAAAAAAH MY NIPPLES ARE HARD. I just had the angry equivalent of an orgasm! I hate more than I've hated in years! I wish the Prez the agony of ten thousand bees in his slimy, halfmoon asshole! I wish him the horror of a hirsute hooker biting and gnawing upon his netherest tenderplace with HIVAIDS in her teeth! I wish him the itch of poison ivy, the ache of a broken back, the weeping from a dying child, and the embarrassment of panties full of poop! I wish him the annoyance of locusts in his breakfast pudding!

With that, Im done. I have to go do my homework and then I have a date with a cute boy. Bye!
Current Mood: pissed off

31st December 2005

1:04pm: New Years Resolutions
In 2006, I resolve to,,,

1. Make the deans list both semesters
2. Snag an officer position in some of the clubs Im in (looks great for grad school!)
3. Cook dinner for my roomies at least once a month so we can sit down, laugh, chat, etc. Not that we dont do that anyway. (Luv ya, chicas!)
4. Not buy something that I know Ill end up returning. Such a hastle, such a headache,,, and sometimes I dont end up returning it and Im stuck with it.
5. Subscribe to a weekly news magazine to help myself keep up on current events and expose myself to other viewpoints.

2nd September 2005

6:55am: I feel so bad!
I feel so bad for New Orleans! There is so much suffering, woe, hunger, thirst, strife, and stress. Frankly, its scary that 4 years after 9/11, the government has no idea how to evacuate people from even a relatively small city and how to get supplies to those who couldnt get out. I think its safe to say that if you voted for George Bush, you have even more blood on your hands now and all the flood water in the world wont wash them clean. Somebody told me, but I cant confirm that its true, that Laura Bush, upon seeing the devastation in New Orleans, had her first orgasm. George could rightly take credit for giving her her first, but as a testament to his character, hoped that he never had to allow another catastrophe to give her her second. Republicans are on record as being major fuck-ups. My ex-boyfriend Kevin once fucked this Republican chick named Jenny in the ass and she still managed to get knocked up. They cant do anything right. She had an abortion though and said that she only opposes abortion for irresponsible people.

My friends Lauren, Tonya, Neeti, and I are going to have a Red Cross fundraising party this weekend. Everyone is coming dressed with red cross attire and bringing checkbooks to raise some money to give to the needy. We obviously dont have a functioning government anymore, so people of good will have to do their part.
Current Mood: pissed off

4th July 2005

11:15am: Happy 4th Everyone!
I hope everyone out there has a happy (and safe) 4th of July. I gotta admit, this is one of my favorite holidays. Know why? It marks the anniversary of one of the greatest open letters ever written.

So eloquent, so hateful!Collapse )

9th June 2005

10:01pm: 5 favorite songs of the moment meme
1. Pixies - Gigantic
2. Interpol - NYC
3. Pixies - Where is My Mind?
4. Interpol - Stella Was a Diver and She Was Always Down
5. Pixies - Debaser

Anyone who can guess where Im going next week wins a token prize :^)

Im supposed to tag 5 people now, but none of my friends are on livejournal. Thats why I just come here to rant.
Current Mood: hot

14th May 2005

4:15pm: sorry so last minute :^/
Ok, guys, I have the info for that show I stayed an extra week in NY for. Ill just steal this from mip:


Live at Anatomy Bar
511 E. 6th St
B/W Ave A and Ave B
Saturday May 14th and Sunday May 15th, 7:00pm
$10 gets you the show and a drink.

The abridged version of my open letter to the gwb_feed is in it because its the most hateful thing anyone has ever seen. Im not performing it though. My friend my Houston, Jordana B., came into town on Wednesday and I didnt have time to rehearse. We had too much catching up to do,,, we laughed too much, drank too much wine, rolled our eyes at the same fashion disasters, etc. I love that girl to bits.

Anyway, we had a really interesting conversation about trucker hats yesterday. We were trying to decide if they have been "over" long enough that you can now wear them ironically. Not ironically like they were worn the last time, but a new double-ironic dip. We decided you probably cant yet. Some people might have the general impression they are over, but they dont know that they are so over that youd be wearing them ironically, so theyd think youre out of style. Its just not worth the risk. Maybe by fall it will be safe.
Current Mood: pleased

9th May 2005

7:53am: Good things are happening!
Schools out. I cant believe my first year is over already. I was going to go home last weekend, but the best thing ever happened! A piece of my writing is going to be performed next weekend! On stage! Omg, can you believe it! I can already taste success. I mean, I moved to New York to become a writer and this just fell into my lap! So my parents are letting me stay for an extra week. Thank God. Id miss this city too much. I dont know how Im going to leave next week.

Im going to be busy with this this week, but Ill post information so you can come see it if you want.
Current Mood: excited

30th April 2005

9:51am: :^(
My friend nanznoto had to delete her livejournal. Her parents found it and figured out why her credit card bill was so high. Shes grounded until finals are over, which kinda sucks if youre in college. I can see their point though,,, she spent $18,000 on door knobs, hinges, etc. (Whoever lives in Palladium1021 next year is in for a real experience.) Karen H. and Jill B. are bringing her "Get Out Soon!" cards. My friends are so funny!
Current Mood: sad

14th April 2005

7:13pm: La Perla
My mom just sent me the biggest surprise--two new La Perla bras! I love that my mom and I are so open about our love for high-end underwear. Heaven is a radical feminist as your mother--she thinks shes a woman so she (and I) deserve the very best. Shes so cute!
Current Mood: happy

30th March 2005

8:20pm: How weird!
I swear I just saw mip on the street!
7:12pm: OMG
A bird pooped on my head today. Ugh it was so nasty. I had to go home and wash my hair and miss lunch w/ the girls in the park.

28th March 2005

10:03pm: Mackenzie Update
So, I finally found out what was really making Mackenzie so mad in Malaga. (Hahaha. I love alliteration). I made an off-handed comment and she took it so totally the wrong way. She had this shirt she was going to wear to the first club on Thursday night and I said "Thats a nice shirt, Mac. Is it couture?" I didnt know it at the time, but I really hit a sore spot with her. Her mom lost her job, so she cant wear couture anymore. She had been seething when we chicas were making cracks about the ready-to-wear collections during Fashion Week, and that was the straw that broke the camels back.

So Mac, if youre reading this, Im sorry. That was thoughtless of me. I hope you can forgive me.
Current Mood: sad

17th March 2005

11:29am: ruined
Omg, Mackenzie flipped out. She started screaming at us about how she is "so tired of drinking all day and all night," and she is sick of how I run my schedule around seeing Paco. I mean, wtf? Its spring break! She started crying and locked herself in the bathroom and called her parents and now shes flying back tonight. :^(
Current Mood: exhausted

13th March 2005

11:07am: Spring break!! Yeah!
Its kinda an inside joke among Christine, Gabby, Mackenzie, and me that we refer to each other as "chicas," so we decided a really fun and spontaneous spring break woud be to go the Costa del Sol in Spain. Malaga is sooooo beautiful. The weathers hot and the guys are hotter ;^) Gabby had her purse with her passport in it stolen as soon as we got here. She spent the next few hours at the American consulate, but Christine, Mackenzie and I headed down to the beach. I met the hottest guy ever,,,his name is Paco but he looks like a smaller furrier Brad Pitt. I think we set the record for sangria consumption before noon. I think I set the record for puking before 3 pm. :^( But he was such a gentleman--he held my hair back and made sure I had water.

Well, gotta run! The chicas want to hit the bar in the hotel downstairs before we head out again.
Current Mood: indescribable

15th February 2005

10:47pm: V-Day
I had the most amazing Valentines Day a girl could ask for. So good that I didnt wake up for my 9:30 class. It was totally worth it.

It was my fifth date with Michael. I hope theres a sixth! He said "Dara, have you seen The Gates yet? Lets go walk around Central Park." Of course I already had seen them (Saturday morning!) but I hadnt seen them with him, so I told him I hadnt. What a perfect date. So simple, so artistic, so classy, so classic. It was way better than going to a movie or something because we just strolled and chatted.

After The Gates, we went back down to NYU to see the Vagina Monologues. Can I just say that I love this play? It was great to see such strong women -- not just on stage, but in the audience, at the doors, and everywhere. And Michael was a real trooper and didnt complain once.

Then he took me to the cutest little Italian place over on 2nd Avenue. I had fabolous polenta with porcini mushrooms and the best wine Ive ever had (pinot grigio). I was careful to not order anything with garlic ;^)

A lady would never real what happened during the rest of the night. Suffice it to say, I had a great time.
Current Mood: happy

3rd February 2005

9:43pm: <3
I <3 that a1icey gave up using apostrophes like me. What a kickass chica!
Current Mood: flattered

30th December 2004

12:11am: :^)
Its one of my fave livejournal buddies b-days today! Happy birthday, oreofuchi.

Ill make a big update about my life soon.

20th December 2004

4:43pm: Oh my gosh
Im so glad exams are over. I only really had two. The other two classes were big final papers. Im glad those are over too.

I havent updated since Ive been so busy. Ive made a lot of friends, and Im seeing a really hot boy named Dustin. We met in November at that little deli on the corner of Waverly and U place, across from Silver. I was ordering a hot chcolate and I dropped *ALL* my books and there was a huge line behind me! OMG I was so embarrassed. But Dustin came over from where he was sitting (SUCH a sweetie) and helped me pick everything up AND he paid for my hot chocolate. I thanked him and he asked my name, and we started talking, and well...three days later he was my boyfriend :^) Hes a junior in CAS, double majoring in Econ and English. Hes also in a band--he plays guitar and hes so talented. I might join his band when the bassist leaves. Hes transferring to WyoTech, which is near his home... He decided NYU is too much money and hed rather go there and live at home. I totally understand where hes coming from sometimes, but NYU is just right for me! I love this city!

Well, I need to go pack. Im going home for a few weeks and then to Houston to visit my old friends!

9th December 2004

3:15pm: Juicy Couture
First off, let me just say that I absolute <3 Juicy Couture. I <3 it so much that Im worried its going to be overexposed and out of style by March. I dont want Juicy to be the new Uggs :^( I still wear my Uggs around the apartment cuz I <3 them, but I can never wear them outside anymore. Ugh! (hahaha)
Current Mood: contemplative

25th November 2004

6:27pm: I appreciate this song :^)
I dont agree with the sentiment but I love the use of metaphor.

Read more...Collapse )

11th November 2004

2:46pm: The Opera
Who would have thought it would be so beautiful? The wording, the Italian language itself, the costumes, the singers, everything! I am definitely going back again. Tickets were very reasonably priced.. maybe a bit more than I should have paid, but c'mon, it's the opera!

I think I might take Italian next semester just so I get more out of it. If I do, I will have to use apostrophes :^(
Current Mood: impressed

9th November 2004

5:36am: Things I <3
- Generation Records on Thompson St. Best. Store. Ever.

- Falafel. I dont think this needs any explanation.

- GAP ON EVERY CORNER! Ok, thats an exaggeration. But not much of one :^)


- Seeing Mary-Kate. Shes so poised and confident. I admire her so much.

Ok, heres something I dont like. I got into an argument tonight with my mom. Ive spent almost all the money I saved up from working at the Gap, so I called home to ask for some more money. My mom said I should get a job. Its my first semester of college! I dont think its too much to ask for my parents to subsidize my lifestyle for a while. I mean, Ill get a job eventually.

Im thinking about getting something pierced. Maybe my eyebrow, maybe my tongue. How awesome would that be? My parents would be so fricking angry! :^p
Current Mood: happy
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